Such a beautiful day we were given today and an even more beautiful evening. I wish I took pictures of my walk with my mother this evening but I didn’t, unfortunately. Though, I was so in the moment, just feeling the heat of the day falling into a much more comfortable feeling temperature. A temperature where there the arms can be free without worry of sweat or the sun beating on it, zapping the body of it’s energy. As the evening cool, the cool spring like air fill my lungs and exhale gently through my nose causing a smile on my face. My heart beat with joy with each step. This is the perfect evening to relax and reflect on the joys of the day or week. There were some things of this Friday that I love and made me happy. Laughing, getting off from the day job, and soon to be making something surprising to my hearts content. And I can not wait to share that with you beautiful souls! Now I do not want to keep you away from your joyous Friday. I will leave you with this delicious yet cute photo of macaroons.


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